About Us


Aline Markland Alberts

Scarf Up and Wig~gle! started in 2009 when Nancy Alberts, founder, pondered a softly spoken question “What do I do with mother’s hats and scarves?” That question’s timing happened a day or so before Mother’s Day, a day she had always sent roses to her mother, and planted flowers for her mother-in-law; a beloved lady who passed away from cancer. Having learned about the American Cancer Society’s Look Good; Feel Better, a free program that assists women in cancer treatment. Nancy was deeply moved to find a way to contribute — to recycle. The floral pattern on the scarves, the vibrant colors and the lovely silk flowers on the hats brought back past memories of Mothers’ Day flowers; the giving of beauty in a simple way.

She realized that the simple process of collecting, gathering and recycling gently used scarves, hats and wigs would provide for women in the cancer treatment. Nearly everyone’s lives have been touched by someone who has or had cancer; the need is great, year after year. The thought evolved into “why don’t we give back for Mother’s Day?

Together with the blessing of Tonya McKinney at the American Cancer Society in Virginia Beach, several members of the Task Forces on Aging who serve Hampton Roads communities, combined efforts, spread word of the collection drive and participated as drop off locations for donations.  By 2011we had collected over 5,000 scarves, hats and wigs!

Compassion has turned into a passion; for 2012 there are over 100 businesses, organizations and churches who participate in the collection drive held annually April 1st through Mother’s Day. Scarf Up & Wiggle has grown into an effective grassroots philanthropy that is embraced by the communities we are privileged to serve. Each scarf, hat or wig directly benefits a cancer patient; distributed by Look Good Feel Better volunteers.

Scarf Up & Wiggle participants celebrate every single donation, every contributed dollar (that pays for cleaning), and every person who opens their hearts to give back for Mother’s Day.  Our work continues every day throughout the year and we never hesitate to ask someone new -would you like to donate your scarves, hats and wigs to Scarf Up & Wiggle? Would you like for your things to directly benefit women and men in the cancer journey.  Do you have a donation? Call 757-393-1622 , or find the closest drop off location, and information of www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org