Frequently Asked Questions

Hope and CourageWhat is Scarf Up & Wig~gle? 

A collection drive for hats, scarves and wigs for women in cancer treatment. Used, vintage, new, any size, for any season. We accept baseball hats! We accept wig heads, bra inserts, any accessory for women in cancer treatment.

When are Scarf Up & Wig~gle! collection drive dates?  

The collection drive is April 1 through Mother's Day.  We ask that you give back in honor of Mother's Day, and for all the women that have been or are in the cancer journey.

Where can I find the closest donation location?

Check out the list on the left-hand side of the page.

How Can I be involved?

Every local Scarf Up & Wig~gle! program requires organized, compassionate, friendly, dynamic volunteer partners to help promote the program, and to support the goal of assisting women and men in cancer treatment.

Volunteers organize the annual collection drive which takes place April 1 through Mother’s Day. The volunteer committee promotes participation and recruites businesses, churches and public sites to serve as drop off locations, as well as collect, count and to deliver donations to the local American Cancer Society.

All donation locations, and special events are featured on and on Facebook. Forward your donation location information to

Volunteer partners can also serve as a year-round donation location.

What happens to my donation?

Every hat, scarf and wig donation is delivered to the American Cancer Society. Every item directly benefits the American Cancer Society’s free program Look Good, Feel Better to assist with its goal of improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Your donations generally remain in your local region to assist your “own” women and men in cancer treatment. Occasionally a region receives abundant donations with the overflow delivered to another region allowing it meet its needs.

After cleaning, donations are distributed by American Cancer Society volunteers for the free program Look Good Feel Better directly to the women and men who need them.

I Love YouHow can we participate as a Scarf Up and Wig~gle! drop off location?

It’s easy! Decorate a collection box & place it in a prominent location Download here or request your poster at

The annual collection drive is April 1st through Mother’s Day. Donations are accepted year-round. We particularly need wigs for both men and women.

Promote Scarf Up & Wig~gle! Collection drive April 1 through Mother’s Day in May. We suggest you promote the collection drive for hats, scarves and wigs to your group, through your email address lists, “like” us on Facebook. You may even wish to have your own special event.

After Mother’s Day, please be sure to take a photo of your collections and of your decorated box. Please count your donations:

____ HATS
____ WIGS
____ OTHER

Email that information to Please deliver your donations to your local area year-round donation location, request a volunteer for pickup, and/or deliver to local American Cancer Society. Be sure to tell ACS this is a Scarf Up & Wig~gle! donation forLook Good Feel Better.

Photos are welcome!!! We ask that you identify your business, or group along with your locality when you upload to Facebook or email the photo to Scarf Up & Wig~gle.

What donations are accepted?

By mail:

  • HATS of all types. We need women and mens hats in all sizes: winter, summer, plain, pretty, baseball. Please pre-clean all baseball hats
  • SCARVES: We need all sizes, colors, and shapes for every season
  • WIGS: The greatest need is for wigs, all colors, sizes, and lengths for both women and men

Also accepted:

  • Wig Forms
  • Bras
  • Bra prosthesis
  • Living & Deceased Estate cleanouts - if available - a volunteer will pick up your items.


Every hat, scarf and wig must be transported to be cleaned and sanitized prior to a cancer patient receiving the item. We appreciate all contributions. Suggested donation amounts:

  • Individual $25
  • Friends $50
  • Family $100

Cash and noncash donations can also be made in honor of, or in memory of someone. We will send a personalized acknowledgement letter in recognition of your donation. To make a donation by check, please fill out the check donation form and send both the check and completed form to: